Industry Solutions

Food & Beverage

Specific segment of Small Box, this section will refer back to Jinjin, the Marketplace, private label, and SDK product offerings and will talk about these solutions with a focus on solving typical F&B problems. Provide some detail on the product capabilities relevant to F&B – loyalty, frequent buyer, targeted alerts, coupons, redemption, analytics, etc.

Small Box Retail

Define this as fashion, spa & beauty, etc. Refer back to Jinjin, the Marketplace, Private Label, and SDK options. Talk about the benefits of the solution to this market segment, speak the language of Small Box. Show key solution features that matter to retailers – product information, analytics, targeting, push alerts, range of campaigns, etc.

Big Box Retail

Define this as including Grocery, FMCG, etc. Talk about how it’s enabled with Cloud Commerce Platform, Private Label, and SDKs. Talk about the key capabilities that enable this solution – geofencing, shopping lists, etc. Suggest we get icons built to represent each key function.