Software key to China’s future

January 16, 2015 | South China Morning Post

Described as pragmatic, shrewd and “an inspiration to many new tech entrepreneurs” by business partner Steve Papermaster, Liu is in the early stages of extending the 20.5 billion yuan market cap Neusoft into a more nimble and entrepreneurially driven “ecosystem model”. The idea is to give managers and their ideas freer rein to build joint ventures and start spin-offs. “He moves quickly, he thinks quickly, he can translate concept into execution … He wants to build a company that can stand on the world stage,” Papermaster said. One such silo under the new model is Neusoft Xikang, a mobile app and internet system, which monitors personal vitals, including cardio and diabetes, and then beams them to doctors. It negates the need for regular check-ups and is potentially crucial in countries like China with patchy heath care coverage. Another is Appconomy, an e-commence platform provider managed by Papermaster and seeded with venture capital funding.

Emerging Examples Show Development of Real-Time Context-Aware Offers in Consumer Goods

July 30, 2014 | Gartner

“French-based Carrefour’s Shanghai operation is working with Appconomy, a mobile technology vendor based in Shanghai and Austin, Texas, on Carrefour’s Smart Shopper mobile app. Like the Meijer application, the Smart Shopper app contains both on-sale and promotional items as well as nonsale, regular items in the store and allows shoppers to create lists of the items they want. Step-by-step navigation, using an animated compass-type arrow, show shoppers how to get to the area in the store where the product they want is stocked. The indoor positioning and unique sending technology developed by Appconomy is designed to be hardware-agnostic, allowing it to be suited to any store layout and able to take advantage of increasingly sophisticated location-sensing hardware advances in the future. Shoppers can be notified of promotions and products that are relevant to them, as determined by the context of their location inside the store, their selection of particular products, or other dimensions of their behavior and profile.”

3 Ways Google Glass Could Change Journalism

April 2, 2014 | Benzinga

“This type of smart technology will have a huge impact on content providers, publishers and advertisers as live content, location data, photos/video and surround computing become pervasive,” said Papermaster. “The volume on content will move from periodic to perpetual.”

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

March 2014 | CNBC

“We’ve worked hard over the years to build a product in which the user has control and transparency with shared data. We’ve found within our initial market in China, consumers enjoy full use of the Appconomy features to trigger even better, more personal suggestions.”

The Best of Tech From SXSW 2014

March 20, 2014 | Techopedia

The standouts for 2014 included contextual-based technologies like IoT, IBeacon and other technology designed to bring people and things together.

Ready-To-Wear Content: Google Glass and Other Devices Provide New Opportunities for Publishers

March 3, 2014 | EContent

Some folks wear their hearts on their sleeves. But before long, it’s more likely they’ll wear their hard drives.

Discerning Digs

February 2014 | Human Resource Executive

Employers are starting to rethink the way they align expat housing to their corporate strategies.

Seven Ways to Capitalise on Mobile Retailing

October 16, 2013 | IGD Retail Analysis

See some of the most exciting mobile innovations the editors for IGD Analysis have seen recently, to help its subscriber clients capture new ideas and assess how to capitalise on the technology’s evolution. Appconomy’s Carrefour Smart Shopper app is identified as representing best practice for the 3rd of 7 trends, focused on helping shoppers navigate stores to find the products and promotions they want.

Bytelight Says Light Field Communication Standard Provides NFC

August 2, 2013 | Mobile Payments Today

ByteLight announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Appconomy, a cloud-based retail platform and mobile solutions provider with dual headquarters in Shanghai, China, and Austin, Texas, for the inaugural pilot of ByteLight’s LFC readers and software-as-a-service solution with multiple retailers in China using The Appconomy Platform.

Will Austin-Based Appconomy Revolutionize Retail in China?

July 16, 2013 | James Hopkins, Techrice

Austin, Texas headquartered Appconomy arrived in Shanghai just 18 months ago, but is already looking like an old China hand. Through its unique vision and close partnership with Neusoft, China’s largest software company, Appconomy has built a suite of mobile services and cloud infrastructure with the potential to revolutionize how retailers and customers interact—not only in China, but also throughout the world.

Mobile App Solution Provider Appconomy Bets Big on China’s Mobile Internet and Retail Market

July 15, 2013 | Tracey Xiang, Technode

Based in Austin, the U.S., Appconomy has been targeting at China’s mobile app market from early on. To tap into the market, it reached partnership with a local industry leader, raised money from it and a local venture capital firm, and has been developing products for local clients and users.

Mobile App Developer Appconomy Gets $4 Million to Continue its Growth Push

July 10, 2013 | Lori Hawkins, American-Statesman

Mobile app developer Appconomy has received $4 million from its investors as it prepares to raise a larger round of financing later this summer.

Carrefour offers shoppers app in China

June 21, 2013 | InsideRetail.Asia

French retailer Carrefour has enhanced its customer offer in China with a new shoppers app, developed with software company Appconomy.

Texas Roundup: Appconomy

June 14, 2013 | Angela Shah, Xconomy

Austin, TX-based Appconomy, which provides mobile marketing and e-commerce platforms for Chinese retailers, announced on Thursday that it has made a significant upgrade to its Zhangyingbao service. This allows users of its consumer-to-consumer mobile platform—which is called Taobao—to be able to create branded mobile apps on their smartphones without any technical skills and in less than five minutes, the company says.

Appconomy Aims for Share of China’s Mobile Shopping Market

May 20, 2013 | Angela Shah, Xconomy

We’ve all been there, standing in a superstore, shopping list in hand. We stare at the dozens and dozens of rows of consumer products before us and don’t have a clue where to find anything. But if you’re in China, Appconomy has something that might help. The company, which is based in both Austin, TX, and Shanghai, unveiled its “Smart Shopping App” in a soft launch in Shanghai earlier this month.

Appconomy Makes Custom Apps for Merchants on China’s Taobao

Feb 26, 2013 | Steven Millward, Tech In Asia

China’s seminal e-commerce site Taobao, which enables anyone to become an amateur shopkeeper, has over a million merchants on its platform. This is where the Sino-US startup Appconomy sees a niche to help these sellers create a native mobile app of their Taobao store.

Appconomy Launches Mobile App Platform for Chinese Ecommerce Merchants

Feb 22, 2013 | Josh Ong, The Next Web

Appconomy has announced a Cloud Commerce Platform, called Zhangyingbao in Chinese, that provides merchants on Taobao, Alibaba’s popular C2C ecommerce marketplace, with a service for making custom mobile apps for their storefronts.

11 Startups in Asia that Caught Our Eye

Feb 17, 2013 | Emily Goh, Tech In Asia

Jinjin is an app developed by the Sino-US startup Appconomy, and appeals to both shoppers and retailers. It can serve as a mobile wallet that holds loyalty cards, discount coupons, allows mobile payments in-store, and even lets you gift a product to a friend.

Appconomy Builds Up Its Mobile Payments and Loyalty Cards Service in China

Feb 13, 2013 | Steven Millward, Tech In Asia

Chinese consumers have plenty of choices if they want to use their smartphones to get discount coupons, but we’ve seen very few startups try to provide a lot more complex things like mobile payments or loyalty cards. That’s what Appconomy’s JinJin app is aiming to achieve, and has recently added social gifting to its features list.

Austin Software Vet Pursues China Market

Jan 27, 2013 | Lori Hawkins, Austin American-Statesman

For his latest startup, Austin software veteran Brian Magierski looked to China. “It’s the largest and fastest-growing smartphone market in the world, and we wanted to develop mobile apps, so that’s where we needed to be,” Magierski said. The result is Appconomy, a two-year-old mobile app development company that has been built with dual headquarters in Austin and in Shanghai.

Appconomy Wraps Up $16M Funding Round as it Launches Merchant Rewards Platform in China

Dec 21, 2012 | Josh Ong, The Next Web

Mobile app firm Appconomy has announced completion of a $16 million Series A funding round as it launches its Jinjin Marketplace app for merchants in China, starting with Beijing and Shanghai.

Appconomy Raises Additional $6M in Series A Funding

Dec 20, 2012 | FINSMES Editors

Appconomy, Inc., an Austin, TX-, and Shanghai, China-based developer of the Appconomy Commerce Cloud platform and mobile apps, has raised an additional $6m and completed a $16m Series A funding.

Move Over E-Commerce, Retail in China Gains Mobile Advantage with Jinjin Platform

November 5, 2012 | Matt Johnson, Mobisights

Using geo-fencing technology to provide tailored shopping services to consumers, Jinjin Retail for big-box retailers offers promotions and rewards based on the location of shoppers in the store, as well as stated search results and shopping lists.

Austin Chamber Announces 2012 “A-List” Winners

November 1, 2012 | Bryan Menell, Austin Startup

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce yesterday recognized 28 innovative technology start-ups as members of The Chamber’s 2012 A-List at a ceremony at Capital Factory. Recognition as an A-List Company is intended to increase the visibility of some of Austin’s great regional technology startups…

Trends, Challenges, and Chances in the Rising Mobile Deals Space

February 28, 2012 | Colin Gibbs, GigaOM

“The more you can close the loop on every transaction, the better tools we can provide to merchants and consumers to receive highly personalized offers,” said Brian Magierski, the co-founder and CEO of Appconomy, a startup that provides mobile commerce and cloud services.

Make an App for That: Mobile Strategies for Retailers

February 7, 2012 | Chris Silva

2011 was the year of the mobile consumer. One of the areas of largest disruption is in mobile retail. While some brands have succeeded in serving this new type of customer, many are struggling to catch up. This report would not have been possible without insights into application and mobile strategies shared by major retailers and observers, including Appconomy.

Austin Tech Companies Visit London’s “Silicon Valley”

Jan 23, 2012 | Lori Hawkins

Eight Austin digital media companies are exploring London’s burgeoning technology hub this week in an effort to build connections between the two cities. Austin participants include Appconomy, which develops mobile application software and last month raised $10 million to accelerate its business in China.

Interview with Brian Magierski, Appconomy

Jan 11, 2012 | Texas TechPulse

In a world defined by smart phones and mobile devices, how can retailers and brands reach their customers best? Austin-based Appconomy ( think it has the answer, with its AppWallet platform, which helps developers to easily create apps and help merchants and consumers to connect via mobile devices.

Hot Austin Startups for 2012

Dec 9, 2011 | Bryan Menell

As we go into 2012 there’s definitely a good sized group of companies that are primed for rapid growth and market acceptance. I’ll give you my list of the few that I’m watching…

Technology Tips Tools and Trends

Winter 2011 | Alison Stanton

The custom app concept is similar to the early days of the Internet, when people may have paid a firm to build their websites, says Steve Guengerich, vice president and co-founder of Appconomy Inc., a mobile software company in Austin. However, Appconomy doesn’t charge up-front fees.

Austin-based Mobile App Maker Appconomy Expanding into China

Sep 27, 2011 | Lori Hawkins

Austin-based Appconomy Inc., which helps customers provide commerce capabilities in their smartphone apps, is breaking into the Chinese market with a dual headquarters in Shanghai and a partnership with China’s largest software services firm.

Wanna Build a Developer Community? Reward, Engage, Incent

Sep 27, 2011 | Ryan Lawler

At GigaOM Mobilize, execs with experience in the field said that to create a robust group of developers, they have to provide rewards and incentives to the top users.

Appconomy and Neusoft Form Alliance

Sep 27, 2011 | Christopher Calnan

Appconomy plans to integrate its AppCommerce platform with Neusoft’s cross platform application environment. The deal would enable Appconomy to power new applications in the United States, China and beyond.

The Next Wave Of Mobile Retail? Local Merchant Loyalty Programs

July 29, 2011 | Steve Guengerich

Everyone likes to get a discount. And every merchant wants customers in their store. No wonder, then, the success of deal-oriented apps in the mobile sector, as perhaps best popularized by Groupon.

14 Things I Learned at the Mobile Enterprise Summit

April 26, 2011 | Eric Lai

Tech market researcher GigaOM Pro and mobile vendor Appconomy held the first Mobile Enterprise Summit on the new campus of UC San Francisco. The speakers, an impressive selection of this small but growing community (remember, it was enterprise-only), had some insights and quotes that should interest developers and IT users alike.

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